The Many Adventures of Captain Fuck

Today's Target Word Count: 3,334
Current Actual Word Count: 108

I didn't really have any time to write on November 1, 'cause Danny was in town to visit me, and I had to spend my time with my Danny, because I love my Danny. I did get a measly 108 words around 1 a.m. on November 1. Danny, Alex, and I were at the Marquee and, as I always have a notebook and pen with me in bars (really), I started writing a little.

She looked around the tavern.

As I have no plot, setting, or characters, I have thrown away the idea of writing this "novel" in a linear fashion. I think I will just write Random Bits of Stuff until I can connect them in some way. Okay, I do sort of have a main character. She doesn't have a name, though. So I asked Danny and Alex if they could think of one.

"Captain Fuck," said Alex.

"You do realize this is a twelve-year-old girl, in a medieval fantasy world," I said.

"Captain Fuck."

They suggested several other names as well, but I didn't like any of the others as much as I like Captain Fuck (which oughta tell you something right there), so my protagonist is temporarily named Captain Fuck, until I figure out what her real name is. She may very well be named Captain Fuck during the entire month of November.

This is not working out quite the way I had hoped.
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Kickoff, meetup, whatever

So we had a Halifax NaNoWriMo get-together at the Second Cup tonight—or perhaps I mean last night, since it's now after midnight, which means it is now officially Samhain! Woo hoo!

Anyway, there were six of us there. One of the people taught my brother Russian Studies last year, and my co-ML is someone who used to read one of my old online journals (although I did know that before tonight). Small world, n'est-ce pas? A good time was had by all, and now I must return to my Stupid Essay on Othello, Due Ten Hours From Now. Hence my choice of music. Heh.

I don't need to read Billy Shakespeare...
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Guess who's a Municipal Liaison?

That's right. I am!

I've been putting some flyers up around town, and I've got to cobble together a press release of some sort and plan bunchies of stuff. Ciara said she would volunteer to be co-ML, so at least I won't be doing this alone.

Okay. Re: actual novel-y bits. I'm thinking it'll be either aimed at the lower end of the YA age spectrum, or the higher end of middle grade. It will be a fantasy set in a medieval-ish type world. The main character is not going to be a knight or a warrior or a princess or a wizard. She's going to be a fairly ordinary girl. I would, however, like her to come in contact with powerful and important people, and have them as secondary characters. I just don't want her to actually be one. I'm thinking that given my recent renewed interest in dancing, I might make her be a dancer. Maybe she wants to be a performer for the royal court or something. So that would mean that in addition to inventing countries with geographies and histories and economies and fashions and magical systems, I also have to invent at least one dance form.

I never do anything the easy way, do I?
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It appears I've gone mad already. That was fast.

Hurricane Juan, which left most of Halifax without power for most of this week, prevented me from being able to reactivate my account on October 1, but I reactivated it today, AND emailed Lauren, the Municipal Liason Headmistress, to see if I could be a Municipal Liason for Halifax.

All this and I still don't have a plot or the even the spark of an idea.
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Here we go again

It occurred to me about two weeks ago that November was fast approaching. Time has not started flowing backwards since then, so it's only getting closer.

And you know what November means. November is synonymous with National Novel Writing Month.

Of course I'm doing NaNoWriMo 2003. I'm getting all hyped up already. Never mind that I don't have the slightest glimmer of a plot for this year's novel, just the vague notion that I might like to try a fantasy novel if I have enough free time to do some world-building over the next few weeks. Never mind that I still haven't finished the second draft of my 2002 NaNo novel.

I convinced Shane, one of my roommates (the other one being my brother), to sign up for NaNoWriMo this year. Let's hope he actually does.

Okay, must find ideas....
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Word count:50,762

I wrote 16,000 words yesterday.

I wrote a novel in a month.

This is the coolest thing in the entire world.
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"When in doubt, babble."

Yes, the subject of this entry is a line from my novel. I didn't realize at the time I was writing it just how scarily appropriate it was.

Word count: 39,747

I know how hopeless this seems. But I had about 34,000 when I went to bed last night. I can write 10,253 more words with my brain tied behind my back! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

*spiralling descent into madness*
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"'If The Simpsons didn’t exist, we’d only talk about half as much as we do now.'"

Word count: 26,084


Yeah, and I'm trying to get in another 900 before I go to bed. Like that'll happen.

I have reached a point at which I can write 1,667 words a day almost completely effortlessly. The problem is, I'm so far behind that I need to write 3,000 a day, not 1,667.

Does anyone else think that their characters are plotting against them? (When I said I needed a plot, this was not what I meant.) For example: I cannot write decent descriptions of nature/landscape to save my life, so suddenly six of my characters hop into Lindsay's dad's car and go for a long drive along the Cabot Trail, which is only supposed to be one of the most scenic drives in the world. Are they trying to torture me, or what? Why are they all ganging up on me?
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